Outside-In Marketing

Supercharge ROI by Rebuilding Content Marketing Around Your Customer! Marketing has always been about my brand, my product, my company. That’s “inside-out” marketing. Today, customers hate it—and ignore it. What does work? Customized messages they already care about. Marketing that respects their time and gives them immediate value in exchange for their attention. Marketing that’s “outside-in.” Now, two renowned digital marketing thought leaders show how to integrate content marketing with Big Data to create high-ROI, outside-in marketing. James Mathewson and Mike Moran share new practices, techniques, guidelines, and metrics for engaging on your customers’ terms, using their words, reflecting their motivations. Whether you’re a content marketer, marketing executive, or analyst, you’ll learn how to: • Ease your customers’ pain—solve what keeps them up at night—with compelling content experiences • Build content that’s essential to clients and prospects in each step of their buyer journeys • Integrate search and social data into all facets of content development to continually improve its effectiveness • Build evergreen content that is continuously improved to better meet the needs of your clients and prospects • Apply advanced machine learning, text analytics, and sentiment analysis to craft more discoverable, shareable content • Shape your messages to intercept your clients’ and prospects’ information discovery in Google • Transform culture and systems to excel at outside-in marketing

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